Membership is conditional upon passing the qualification examination in plastic surgery and by participation in the system of qualification education in accordance with the Czech Medical Chamber licence.

The network of health care facilities is set by market conditions, since the patient nearly always directly pays for the health care provided. At present, the network seems to be sufficient. There are both in- and out-patient facilities with good availability regarding space and time.

The current number of qualified experts in the Czech Republic is sufficient and, as of April 20, 2008, the Society includes 101 surgeons.

Conditions for eligibility and certification are a result of the current state of Czech legislation, where criteria for specific activities and demands for respective qualification are missing, as is true in many other countries. The licensing system is too broad and the care covered by direct patient payment, not by health insurance, is too attractive.

Any surgeon who complies with the eligibility criteria may apply for Society membership. The application form is available at The completed form should be submitted to either the chairwoman of the Society or to the headquarters of CLS JEP. Each application must be considered by the Society committee, which then declares if a membership is valid.

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