9. Castle Beauty Conference

9. Castle Beauty Conference

Website: https://www.castlebeautyconference.cz/

Lector: Dr. Nazim Cerkes

CB Clinic, DIAMANT wellness hotel & spa, Sokolská 1339, Hluboká nad Vltavou


Dear Colleagues, 

We are delighted to be able to invite you to this year's 9th Castle Beauty Conference, which will be held on 3 May 2024 traditionally in Hluboká nad Vltavou at the Hotel Diamant

This year, our invitation has been accepted by ISAPS past president, professor Nazim Cerkes from Istanbul, who is one of the world's foremost authorities on rhinoplasty. His lectures are very educational with many videos, and we believe that the course will provide you with very intensive acquisition of knowledge across the entire issue of rhinoplasty. The lectures will include an introduction to rhinoplasty for those interested in starting rhinoplasties, as well as advanced rhinoplasty techniques. Professor Cerkes will perform two surgeries at the CBC clinic, a primary and a secondary rhinoplasty, which will be professionally shot and edited for you. You will receive the recording electronically.

We are currently compiling the final professional program and we will inform you about the option of on-line registration for the event soon.

We look forward to your interest and it will be our great pleasure to meet you again in Hluboká nad Vltavou in the premises of the Hotel Diamant.

Best regards
Vladimír Mařík and Pavel Kurial


Participation fees:
Doctors undergoing training for postgraduate Certification in plastic surgery 3 500 Kč (140 EUR)
Plastic surgeons 4 500 Kč (180 EUR)
Doctors of other specialization 5 500 Kč (220 EUR)

Lunch 590 Kč (24 EUR)

Account number: 2107918128/2700, Variable symbol: 249441 IBAN:CZ75 2700 0000 0013 8768 4519 SWIFT: BACXCZPP


Scientific Program 9. CBC 3. 5. 2024

8:30 Opening – Why become a member of ISAPS? (Pavel Kurial)
Introducing of Nazim Cerkes (Vladimir Marik)

8:45 Open Structural Rhinoplasty – Dorsum Management and Osteotomies (Nazim Cerkes)

9:10 Adjusting Tip Projection and Position (Nazim Cerkes)

9:35 Secondary Rhinoplasty – Structura Reconstruction (Nazim Cerkes)


10:10 Coffe Break


10:30 Alar Base Surgery (Nazim Cerkes)

10:55 Reconstruction of Columellar Defects with Local Tissue (Nazim Cerkes)

11:10 Correction of Crooked Nose and Septum reconstruction (Nazim Cerkes)

11:35 Primary Rhinoplasty (video) (Nazim Cerkes)


12:00 Lunch


13:00 Secondary Rhinoplassty – Structural reconstruction using rib cartilage (video) (Nazim Cerkes)

13:25 Demonstration and comment of edited video (operation I. – primary rhinoplasty) (Nazim Cerkes)


14:25 Coffe Break


15:00 Demonstration and comment of edited video (operation II. – secondary rhinoplasty) (Nazim Cerkes)

16:00 How to perform first rhinoplasty – selection of patient, difficulty, safety, tips, questions (Pavel Kurial, Vladimir Marik, Nazim Cerkes)

16:30 Difficult Cases – Discussion (Pavel Kurial, Vladimir Marik, Nazim Cerkes)


17:30 The End of the course

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